On this sleepless night, after feeding my daughter, I began experimenting with Tumblr as a place to record some thoughts longer than 140 characters and came across the option to post “quotes.” The quote that first came to mind was that of an English teacher at my high school, John Horlivy. I never took any of John’s courses, but he became a mentor of sorts to me and several of my friends who were deeply interested in writing poetry. He was so supportive - both during the height of my writing in my sophomore and junior years, and as the poetic juices started to slow in college as my interests turned elsewhere. I remember returning to campus and talking with him about that, and he told me that it was completely normal to go through dry spells - but that the most important thing was to keep writing. “Keep writing.” Well, John, it’s fitting that I dedicate this post - the (only latest) attempt to heed your advice - to you.