After spotting a typo in an old post, I fired up my local Jekyll server to preview the change, but instead got an error. Between a major new version of Jekyll and updates to other supporting software on my computer, none of which I understand well, I decided it would be easier to toss my old Jekyll customizations and embrace the latest versions of everything. So out with the old, and in with the new. That means a new default theme, minima. I hope to restore syntax highlighting for XQuery—apparently not supported by Jekyll’s new default syntax highlighter.

The site remains hosted on GitHub Pages, which unfortunately doesn’t yet offer HTTPS support for custom domains. I’d like to stay hosted on GitHub Pages but may need to investigate alternatives.

With this housekeeping done, perhaps I’ll put some thoughts down about recent projects over the holidays. For now, just a link to a project I’m working on wrapping up: XQuery for Humanists, an introduction to XQuery aimed at digital humanists or really anyone who’s trying to learn how to work with XML and XQuery but doesn’t have a background in programming.